Driver picks the music,
shotgun shuts his cakehole
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I’m graduating from uni in 3 hours


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I'm so excited I cannOT WAIT personal uni
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ok I’d really better go to sleep now because I am graduating from uni in the morning so I have to get up really early

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I wonder if he knows the script is visible


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Kurt is in the center of that little touch-orgy they have in the club scene. He’s laid out, being worshipped basically. He’s laid out, altar AND sacrifice, touched and touching, the center of this knot of pleasure, you can see it in everyone’s faces. I don’t know if it’s induced by anything or if it just is, but Kurt is existing here in such an abandoned, openly sexual way, allowing himself to be groped, groping others, regardless of who or what they are. He’s laid across Blaine who gropes himself under Kurt’s back, throwing his head and mouthing, oh my god, and the two of them just look like they’re being taken apart, but Kurt especially.

I just feel so many things about all of this but I don’t know how to put it into words. I can’t seem to stop staring at it, though, and feeling these things.

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3.17 // 5.16

#god you can just tell how important physical intimacy is to kurt #and when blaine pulls away from him like that it really hurts #not just because he wants sex #but because he wants the closeness and intimacy that being with blaine in that way gives him #kurt isn’t a very affectionate or touchy-feely person #especially compared to blaine #and he definitely doesn’t always wear his heart on his sleeve #but i think it’s obvious that being physically initmate with somebody is very important to him #it’s how he expresses his love #and blaine pulling away from him like this and turning to things like porn instead #it really hurts #and it probably makes him feel inadequate #and think he’s not good enough (x)

People have been noticing that when Kurt is upset he pulls away physically, and that Blaine clings, physically. But Kurt clearly is like, up to date on their sex lives. He notices if they are off pattern, or if Blaine is not touching him 10% as much as normal, or if Blaine doesn’t want him as much as normal. Blaine might just mope about Kurt pushing him away, but Kurt is on that shit, and angry, and not going to take it, because Blaine is literally the only one he lets want him like that. It’s a lovely 3D effect to his character—he’s not just aloof, or standoffish. He needs this one person to touch him all the freaking time, and it’s super convenient that that one person needs to touch him all the freaking time, too. 

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MUSICALS i wanna watch musicals listen to musicals talk about musicals i wanna PERFORM in musicals i wanna direct musicals write musicals design musicals all i want is musicals MUSICALS

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oh finchel rachel berry
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